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It all started with an afternoon adventure to explore northern Colorado. At that time, Kim and her family were living in Westminster and a neighbor who had moved to Greeley urged her to visit the area. Traveling east on Highway 34 with her two young boys and watching the mountains in the rearview mirror getting farther and farther away prompted a u-turn. Seventeen miles later, she and the boys were enjoying Dwayne Webster Veteran’s Park on the edge of Lake Loveland. Kim called her husband, Eric, and said, “We’re moving to Loveland.”


And move they did. Loveland proved to be the perfect place to put down roots. It was small enough to feel connected and have a strong sense of community, and large enough to provide everything Kim’s growing family could ask for. In no time, Loveland became their hometown.

As soon as she landed in Loveland, Kim immersed herself in her new community through volunteer efforts and board of directors positions, including president of the preschool board. She’s been going strong ever since.


After working as a volunteer for the Rialto Theater to help with fundraising efforts to replace the stage floor, Kim was hired as Loveland’s Cultural Events Coordinator. It was in this position that she scheduled and produced the Foote Lagoon Summer Concert Series. “I got to throw a party for the community every Thursday evening,” she says. In the ten years she held that position, she became a strong thread in the fabric of the community. One of her last achievements was as a team member to facilitate the opening of the Rialto Theater Center expansion in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.


At the same time, Kim was on the board of directors for the Thompson Education Foundation (TEF). When the Executive Director position opened up in the summer of 2012, she took a step back from her board responsibilities and applied for the job. She got it.


Since steering the TEF ship, Kim has increased programming and fundraising significantly. In the past fours alone, the foundation has awarded over One million dollars in scholarship to Thompson School District graduates. She has increased awareness of the foundation and what it does for the district and its students — when she started, TEF was primarily known for classroom grants. Now the community knows how the foundation supports homeless students and their families, provides school supplies for students in need, funds art and music enrichment programs in each TSD school, and annually recognizes outstanding educators.


Born and raised in rural northern Maine, Kim knows the value of hard work, integrity, and honesty. It was the backbone of her town of 4,000 people. Her father died when she was 11, leaving her mother to raise Kim as a single parent while she navigated the new reality of their lives. Mom went on to become the school librarian, which required taking classes at the local university. Watching her study at the kitchen table after dinner, Kim learned determination, perseverance, problem solving, and most of all, the value of a good, solid education. As a high school student, she worked on local farms during potato harvest, giving her a strong appreciation for the challenges of agriculture.


Add all of these qualities, skills and experiences together, and you have the best candidate for Larimer County Commissioner. Kim is determined and committed to hearing from all her constituents and finding solutions that will positively impact them on a daily basis.


Kim Akeley-Charron, the best choice for District 3. The best choice for Larimer County. THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU.

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